Olga Tabachnikova

O l g a  T a b a c h n i k o v a

Olga Tabachnikova is Lecturer in Russian Studies at the School of Language, Literature and International Studies of the University of Central Lancashire, and a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies of the University of Bath, where she continues her research resulting from a successfully accomplished project on Russian Jewish Cultural Continuity in the Diaspora, led by Dr Peter Wagstaff. Prior to that Olga held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the Russian Department of the University of Bristol (England) and a research assistantship at the University of Trier (Germany). She has two doctorates from the University of Bath - in Franco-Russian Studies (2007) and in Mathematics (1995). She did her undergraduate study in her native city of Kharkov, Ukraine, at Kharkov State University. Before moving to Bath in 1992 she also obtained a Diploma in Higher Jewish Studies from the University of London (Jews' College). Her twin background in science and the humanities enables Olga to pursue diverse academic activities at the University of Bath. She has taught and conducted research in both the Department of Mathematical Sciences and in the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies. From 1994 to 2002 she was a part-time Lecturer and Tutor in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Universities of Bath and of the West of England (Bristol). Since 1995 she has also taught Russian Language and Literature at various local Higher Education institutions. Olga worked at the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at Bath as a part-time Lecturer in Russian Cultural Studies and Language, a Language Teaching Development Officer and a Network Facilitator. She is also an affiliated researcher at the Lev Shestov Research Centre at the University of Glasgow.

Research Interests:

Russian cultural continuity traced through literature and film from the 19th century to the present; Russian irrationalism, and specifically the Russian-Jewish religious philosopher Lev Shestov (1866-1938); Silver Age perception of classical Russian literature; Russian-Jewish literary identities in the 20th century and Russian-Jewish cultural continuity in the Diaspora; Russian-Ukrainian comparative studies, especially through the prism of gender research.

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Teaching Experience:

Modules on Russian culture, literature and language at all levels; web-based Russian-English translation and cultural studies course at final year undergraduate and a postgraduate level.

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Administrative Experience:

This includes organising and running national and international conferences and designing and administering web sites and mailing lists.

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Conference Participation and Research Links:

I have given around 30 conference papers at both national and international conferences and made strong research links with various colleagues across the world, with several collaborative research projects pending.

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E-Learning Activities:

Design and Implementation of VLE based Russian-English translation and cultural courses.

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Professional Affiliations: BASEES, MHRA, BFASRC, AWSS.

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Awards and Prizes:

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Russian Department, University of Bristol), Entente Cordiale Scholarship to the Sorbonne (2001-2002), Bath University ESML Departmental research grants, BASEES Research and Development Committee grant, and others.

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Translation Work and Experience:

Translated over 40 learned journals articles from Russian into English for the Russian Academy of Sciences and the London Mathematical Society.

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Russian (native), Ukrainian (second native), Belorussian (passive knowledge), English (fluent), French (good working knowledge), Hebrew (basic), German (basic), Slavonic Languages

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Selected Publications:


2014 (in press)

  • Russian Irrationalism from Pushkin to Brodsky: Seven Essays in Literature and Thought (Bloomsbury Academic Publishers (formerly Continuum))
  • Mystery inside Enigma: Facets of Russian Irrationalism between Art and Life (editor) (Rodopi)


Russian Jewish Diaspora and European Culture (1917-1937) (co-edited with Peter Wagstaff and Jorg Schulte) (BRILL)


Correspondence between Lev Shestov and Boris de Schloezer, fully annotated edition (YMCA Press).


Anton Chekhov through the eyes of Russian thinkers: Vasilii Rozanov, Dmitrii Merezhkovsky and Lev Shestov (editor) (Anthem Press)


Philosophy as Poetry, or Don Quixote's pilgrimage through Russian Literature: Lev Shestov from a Literary Perspective (Anthem Press)
Book chapters:
  • `The Treatment of Aesthetics in Lev Shestov's Search for God', in Aesthetics as a Religious Factor in Eastern and Western Christianity, ed. Wil van der Bercken and Jonathan Sutton; Eastern Christian Studies 6 (Leuven, Belgium: Peeters Publishers, 2005), pp. 179-195.
  • `Alexander Galich: Life and Songs - Crossing Borders', in Border Crossings: Mapping Identities in Modern Europe, ed. Peter Wagstaff (Bern: Peter Lang Academic Publishers, 2004), pp. 185-205.
  • `Ot Chekhova k Dovlatovu: Proslavlenie bestsel'nosti, Ili Poetika, okazyvaiushchaiia soprotivlenie tiranii' ['From Chekhov to Dovlatov: Praising purposelessness, or, Poetics that Resists Tyranny'], in Filosofiia A. P. Chekhova [The Philosophy of A. P. Chekhov], ed. Anatolii Sobennikov (Irkutsk: ISU Publishers, 2008), pp. 238-256.
  • 'Between Tragedy And Aesthetics: Shestov's Reading of Chekhov - A Look Directed Within', in Olga Tabachnikova (ed.), in Anton Chekhov through the eyes of Russian thinkers: Vasilii Rozanov, Dmitrii Merezhkovsky and Lev Shestov. (London-New York-Delhi: : Anthem Press, 2010) pp. 175-197.
  • `Nikolai Gogol v interpretatsii L'va Shestova' [`Nikolai Gogol in the interpretation of Lev Shestov'], in Gogol i 20 vek [Gogol and the 20th century], Proceedings of the international conference organized by the ELTE doctoral programme `Russian literature between East and West', eds. Z. Hetenyi, A.Dukkon and Z. Kalafatics (Budapest: Dolce Filologia, 2010) pp 221-231.
  • `The Russian Diaspora in the Context of French Culture: The Correspondence between Lev Shestov and Boris de Schloezer', in Other Voices: Three Centuries of Cultural Dialogue between France, Britain and Russia, ed. Graham Roberts (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2011), pp. 203-234.
  • `Female Russian Poetry: The Voice of Tatiana Vol'tskaia in the Context of Preceding generations', in Rosalind Marsh (ed.), New Women's Writing in Russia and East Central Europe: Gender, Generation, and Identities (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012)
  • `Cultural Anxieties of Russian-Jewish émigrés: Max Eitingon and Lev Shestov, in Jorg Schulte, Olga Tabachnikova and Peter Wagstaff (eds), Russian Jewish Diaspora and European Culture (1917-1937) (Leiden-Boston-Tokyo: BRILL, 2012)
  • `K voprosu o "cheloveke prirody" i `cheloveke kultury' v russkoi literature [`Towards the question of "man of nature" and "man of culture" in Russian literature'], in East-West: space of nature and space of culture in Russian literature and folklore, eds. N. E. Tropkina et al. (Volgograd: Paradigma, 2011), pp. 165-173.
  • Reading as educational tool: Viktor Dragunsky and Antoine de Saint-Exupery in Artistic education in the space of contemporary culture, eds. I. E. Kashekova and O. I. Radomskaia (Moscow-Boinitse: Institute for Artistic Education, Russian Academy of Education, 2011), pp. 315-321.
Special Journal Issues:
Guest editor, organizer and contributor: special themed issue of the journal East European Jewish Affairs, entitled 'Russian Jewish Cultural Continuity in the Diaspora in the 20th Century: Literary Self-perceptions' (vol. 38, issue 2, August 2008), Introduction, pp. 119-120; Article 'Russian Jews in exile from Bolshevik Russia: the case of Lev Shestov as an example of Russian-Jewish existential compromise', pp. 185-200.

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Creative Writings:

Selected Poems (in Russian), books of poetry and other publications

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