Olga Tabachnikova's Conference Participation (continued):

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Major Conferences Attended:

In Literature and Languages:

Written contribution into Collective Analysis of Pushkin's poem 'Zimniaia Doroga' (at the Neo-Formalist Conference, '200 years of Pushkin', Oxford 1999)

Conference paper 'Repudiation and appropriation: two Jewish identities - Soviet and Israeli' (given at BASEES 2000, Cambridge, April 2000)

Conference paper 'Lev Shestov and Joseph Brodsky' (given at the meeting of British-French Association for the Study of Russian Culture, the Sorbonne (Paris IV), October 2001)

Conference paper 'Inexhaustible light, or Where cultures meet: "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and "Deniska's stories" by V. Dragunsky' (given at the meeting of British-French Association for the Study of Russian Culture, University of Surrey, Guilford, April 2001)

Conference paper 'On the use of mnemonic rules when teaching Russian to English speakers' (given at BASEES 2001, Cambridge, April 2001)

Conference paper 'On questions of poetry translation' (given at BASEES 2002, Cambridge, April 2002)

Presentation 'Léon Chestov et la literature' (given at a research gathering at the Russian bookshop 'Les Éditeurs Réunis' in Paris, May 2002)

Conference paper 'The Achilles' heel of the Russian intelligentsia (On the film "Osennii Marafon" by G.Danelia)' (given at the conference 'Screening the Word: Visual Adaptations of Literature in Russian and Soviet Culture', University of Surrey, Guilford, May 2002)

Conference paper 'The look directed within OR a note on hopelessness (Shestov's understanding of Chekhov)' (given at the meeting of the British-French Association for the Study of Russian Culture, Sorbonne (Paris IV), October 2002)

Conference paper 'To seem and to be in Russian literature - the eternal conflict between an author and his lyrical hero' (given at the conference 'Self-reflection in Russian history, literature and culture', Wolfson College, Oxford, February 2003)

Conference paper 'Across the world order: Lev Shestov, Marina Tsvetaeva and Venedikt Erofeev' (given at BASEES 2003, Cambridge, March 2003)

Conference paper 'Perception of God (on spiritual journeys in the poetry of Joseph Brodsky)' (given at the conference on 'Religious Spaces in Russian Culture', University of Wales, April 2003)

Conference paper '"The poet in Russia is more than just a poet". Vladimir Mayakovsky and Vladimir Vysotsky - relationships with the epoch' (given at the conference 'Literature and Nation' of the BASEES Study Group for Literature of the 20th Century and Beyond' at Mansfield College, Oxford, September 2003)

Conference paper 'André Gide and Lev Shestov: two perspectives on Dostoevsky' (given at the meeting of the British-French Association for the Study of Russian Culture, University of Bath, October 2003)

Conference paper '"The world is ugly and people are sad". On Chekhov's ethics and aesthetics in the works of Sergei Dovlatov' (given at BASEES 2005, Cambridge, April 2005)

Conference paper 'Female Russian poetry: the voice of Tatiana Vol'tskaia in the context of preceding generations' (given at the international conference 'Contemporary European Women Writers: Gender and Generation', University of Bath, 2005)

Conference paper 'Russian Jewish writers - exile becoming migration: a new experience within "open borders"' (given at the VIIth World Congress of ICCEES in Berlin, August 2005)

Conference paper 'The revival of Russian philosophical and religious thought after "perestroika": the case of Lev Shestov' (given at the VIIth World Congress of ICCEES (International Council for Central and East European Studies) in Berlin, August 2005)

Conference paper 'Russian-Soviet literature of the1960s and 1970s: motherhood in disguise, OR a male anti-feminist rhetoric for what it's worth' (given at BASEES 2006, Cambridge, April 2006)

Conference paper 'From Chekhov to Dovlatov: "praising purposelessness", OR, A poetics that resists tyranny' (given at the international symposium "Philosophy of A. P. Chekhov" at the Irkutsk State University, Russia, June-July 2006)

Conference paper 'Introducing e-learning into translation courses (the case of Russian and English). Discussion of the benefits' (given at the 'Bath Big Forty': Interpreting and Translating Symposium, Bath, September 2006)

Conference paper 'Akhmatova and Brodsky on Chekhov: a case of animosity?' (given at BASEES 2007, Cambridge, April 2007)

Conference paper 'Literary and cinematic representations of fatherhood in Russia: a culture of the absent father' (given at the ICCEES Regional European Congress in Berlin, 2-4 August 2007)

Conference paper 'Russian Jews in Parisian exile: Lev Shestov as a multicultural conductor' (given within the panel Russian-Jewish Cultural Continuity in the Diaspora of which I am the organizer, chair and contributor, at the ICCEES Regional European Congress in Berlin, 2-4 August 2007)

Conference Paper 'Anticipating modern trends: Lev Shestov - between literary criticism and existential philosophy' (given at the conference 'The Writer as Critic' of the BASEES 20th Century Literature Group at Mansfield College, Oxford, September 2007)

Presentation 'Cultural images of Russian fathers: looking beyond the stereotypes' (given at the Women's Studies Centre, ESML Department, university of Bath, 30 October, 2007)

Conference Paper 'Images of fatherhood in contemporary Russian literature and film (given at BASEES 2008, Cambridge, April 2008)

Conference Paper 'Russian Culture: Western View in the Russian Mirror' (given at 'Russia On Screen' Conference, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, 10 May 2008)

Presentation 'Lev Shestov on Anton Chekhov: English resonances (Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton Murry and D. H. Lawrence) (given at the Fin de Siècle Seminar Series, University of Oxford, 13 May 2008 and at the conference Russia in Britain, University College London, June 2009)

Conference Paper 'Russian Jews in Parisian exile: Lev Shestov as a multicultural conductor' (given at the international conference 'Cultural Continuity in the Diaspora: Paris and Berlin (1917-1937). The Experience of Russian Jews in an Era of Social Change' at the University of Bath, 8-10 September, 2008)

Conference Paper 'Cultural Anxieties of Russian-Jewish Émigrés : Max Eitingon and Lev Shestov', (given at the 2nd Interdisciplinary International Network Symposium 'Between Metropolis and Diaspora' at the university of Portsmouth, February 2009)

Conference Paper 'Shestov's Interpretation of Gogol' (given at the conference Gogol and the 20th cenury, Budapest, November 2009)

Conference Paper 'Anton Chekhov and Joseph Brodsky: Under the Veneer of Rationalism' (given at the conference 'Russian Irrationalism in the Global Context: Sources and Influences', University of Bristol, March 2010)

Conference Paper 'Crisis consciousness on idealism, love and reason through the prism of Dostoevsky and Nietzsche: Andrei Bely's History of formation of self-conscious soul and Lev Shestov's philosophy - meeting points' (given at the conference 'Andrei Bely as a philosopher: History of formation of self-conscious soul and its contexts', University of Trier, Germany, November 2010)

Conference Paper 'Between literature and philosophy: Patterns of European irrationalism - Mikhail Bakhtin and others' (given at the conference 'Philosophy of the Soviet era', organized by the Academy of European intellectual history, Bernkastel-Kues, Germany, November 2011)

Presentation 'Lev Shestov's pilgrimage through Russian literature - an inspiring (mis)interpretation?' (given at the Making Mistakes: Misleading and Misinterpreted Texts in Literature, Art and History Seminar Series, Wadham College, University of Oxford, 29 February 2012)

Conference Paper (Invited Speaker) 'The concept of love in Russian cultural canon: shifts of the paradigm' (given at the VII international conference 'The Rational and Emotional in Russian Literature and Folklore', Volgograd State university, Volgograd, Russia, October 2013)

Conference Paper 'Love as a Moral Category in Russian Literature' (given at the 'New UK Research in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature' Symposium, Darwin College, Cambridge, 1 February 2014)

Conference Paper (Invited Speaker) 'The role of cultural discourse in contemporary education' (given at the international symposium 'Problems and prospects of artistic education in the context of contemporary culture', Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, 25 March 2014)

Conference Paper (jointly with Natalia Vinokurova, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) 'Making sense of the past trauma in narratives of the self: moral, social and historical spaces of self-interpretation' (given at the ESSHC 2014 /the European Social Science History Conference, organized by the International Institute of Social History (IISH), an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences/, Vienna, 23-26 April 2014).

Conference Paper '"English" Chekhov' (given at the International Conference 'Chekhov's map of the world' (for the 110th anniversary of Anton Chekhov's death), Melikhovo, 3-7 June 2014 ).

Conference Paper (Invited Speaker) 'On reason, religion and irony: Evgenii Zamiatin's novel "My" in the context of European irrationalism' (given at the International Conference 'Contemporary Literary Studies: Dialogue of Slavic Cultures - for the 130th Anniversary of E.I. Zamiatin', 1-4 October 2014).

Conference Paper 'New Russian "macho" between literature and life', Organiser of the panel 'Continuity and change: Masculinity patterns in contemporary Europe'. Speaker: jointly with Natalia Vinokurova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) forthcoming, the IX World Congress of ICCEES (International Council for Central and East European Studies) in Makuhari, Japan, August 2015.

In Mathematics:
1. Edinburgh Combinatorial Group Theory Conference 1993
2. Groups Galway-St Andrews, Republic of Ireland, 1993
3. Victorian Algebra Conference (Invited Speaker), Australia 1994
4. Group Theory, Finite to Infinite, Pisa 1996 (paper given; visit sponsored by the European Mathematical Society)
5. Groups Bath-St Andrews, Bath, England, 1997 (paper given)